Burning Rubber

Michael and I are trying to have a baby. Back when I had surgery in August and after I healed, Dr. Putman told us to try until the new year and if nothing happened to come and see him. So because nothing happened on our own, Michael and I went and saw Putman on MLK Day.

He decided to do what is called a Follicle Growth Series, starting on day 5 of my cycle. So on January 29th I began burning rubber, driving my car up and down I-45 to get to Dallas.

On January 29th it was decided that I was going to ovulate from my right ovary. I had two (count them two!) ovarian cysts in my left ovary on January 18th and Dr. Putman determined that I had ovulated from that side so from the right it would be. Dr. Tarnawa (Putman’s teenage associate) asked me to come back on Monday, February 1st.

On February 1st I went back and saw Dr. Putman to confirm which side I would ovulate from. He confirmed that it would be the right side. He informed me that we would track the follicle growth and when it reached a certain size he would administer a shot of HcG to ensure that the egg released from the follicle. Everything looked beautiful and I left feeling very optimistic.  He asked me to come back on Wednesday.

I went back on the following Wednesday and saw Dr. Tarnawa again because Dr. Putman had been in surgery all day and wasn’t in the office. That is when things got tricky. The follicle that was in the right ovary that had been growing up to this point had shrunk. And the one that was in the left ovary, that had shrunk since January 18th had doubled in size and was 18.7mm. It looked to be that this would be the ovary I would actually ovulate from, if I actually ovulated. He let me go, both of us feeling confused. As I was leaving, he stopped me again. He had talked to Dr. Putman who wanted me to come in on Thursday. I just couldn’t do it. The stress of driving back and forth to Dallas was starting to wear on me. Hours with my thoughts was starting to be detrimental. Instead, we agreed that I could come back on Friday.

I drove back yesterday afternoon and saw Dr. Tarnawa to hopefully get the HcG shot. Turns out… it wasn’t necessary. I had already ovulated by myself, most likely earlier that day. Instead of a shot, he assigned me and Michael homework.

Only time will tell if anything comes from this. I’ve decided that Michael and I will continue to try without doctor help until this summer. Its too much stress on me to leave early from work 3 days a week to furiously drive to Dallas to get scans. If nothing happens between now and June, we will pick it back up.

Say a prayer for us, that we will be able to naturally conceive. I’m going to continue on my weight loss crusade and who knows? Maybe I’ll be announcing a pregnancy sooner or later.


-Jessica G.

21 Day Fix: Day 3 Recap

Day Three– 1/13/2016

Happy 29th Birthday to me!

Food/Meal Plan

  • breakfast: shakeology (red) and mixed frozen fruit blended (purple). Here’s a tip for these shakes that I have found incredibly useful: If you are like me and blend in frozen fruit, portion out the frozen fruit into baggies and add a scoop of shakeology. It’s a timesaver in the mornings. 
  • midmorning snack: blackberries (purple) and sunflower seeds (Oange)
  • lunch: cottage cheese (red), fajita chicken (red), roasted broccoli and mushrooms (green) and a cupcake (yellow replaced)
  • Mid afternoon snack: 12 almonds (blue), 10 baby carrots (green), cherry tomatoes and snow peas (green)
  • late afternoon snack: noohing–I wasn’t really hungry. I made it through Dollar Tree and HEB without buying snack foods. I also didn’t order anything at Sonic besides my ice water and lemon #thatscontrol
  • dinner: salmon (it was a big piece so two reds-my first overage..whoops) and romaine lettuce (2 greens). And a piece of cornbread (yellow…maybe even two). I treated myself to a Cotton Patch Salmon Cesear Salad with the dressing on the side. It was delicious. And I totally had to-go cornbread..sans butter.
  • after dinner snack to satisfy sweet tooth: more cake
    Today's plan. I planned on CAKE!

    Today’s plan. I planned on CAKE!

    Reflection: I noticed that I had way fewer temptations today. I partially give credit to the fact that I knew what I was going to order from Cotton Patch and that I was going to eat a cupcake and a slice of cake today. I don’t see this as falling off the wagon. I see this as life…and my birthday. After all, I won’t have another one for 365 days.

Water Consumption

I must get better at this! I am struggling so hard… Suggestions?






Leg Day. And then I died

Leg Day. And then I died

Today’s workout was Lower Fix. When I saw that this was the workout I cringed. My legs have been so sore since Day One’s Total Body Fix. I almost didn’t want to continue with the workout, but I knew if I pushed through it’d get better. And it didn’t. But I will say there was improvement this time because I didn’t cry and my legs didn’t shake like Monday. I did holler at Autumn a couple of times but I made it. I’m also proud that I made the time to do this workout after being at work and church literally all day. And it was my birthday. Three down… Eighteen  to go.

After lower fix. I was dead. :)

After lower fix. I was dead. :)

I’m 1/7 or 3/21 of the way done. (How’d you like those fractions?)

Check back tomorrow for day 4 recap!

Jessica G.

21 Day Fix: Day 2 Recap

Day Two- 1/12/2016

Food/Meal Plan

  • breakfast: cottage cheese (red) and one mandarin orange (1/2 purple)
  • midmorning snack: one mandarin orange (1/2 purple) and sunflower seeds (Orange)
Breakfast and mid morning snack.

Breakfast and mid morning snack.

  • lunch: turkey cutlet (red), roasted sweet potato (yellow), green beans (green)— so glad I ate the last of this today!
  • Mid afternoon snack: nothing. I had to adjust my meals because I left my shakeology at home this morning. I died.
  • late afternoon snack: 6 slices turkey (red), cherry tomatoes (green), mozzarella cheese (blue), 8 ritz crackers (yellow)
  • dinner: chicken fajita meat (red), seven corn tortilla chips (yellow), brown jasmine rice (yellow), bell peppers and onion (green), salsa
  • after dinner snack to satisfy sweet tooth: two apple slices (purple) and natural peanut butter (tsp)

    Sweet tooth satisfied.

    Sweet tooth satisfied.

Reflection: I noticed that while I felt full longer and didn’t necessarily need a lot of snacks at school, I struggled when I got home. Home=downtime=snacking. And I have bluebell in my freezer. But I didn’t give in. After all, I want birthday cake tomorrow!!!!








Water Consumption

I must get better at this! I struggle because I can’t go to the bathroom all day. Goal is to increase water when I am at school.



Upper Fix aka I have abs.

Upper Fix aka I have abs.

Today’s workout was Upper Body Fix. This one was physically easier than yesterday. I was at least able to do all the modified activities and even some of the regular activities. I definitely felt some of those ab muscles I supposedly have. I struggled to do this workout. I wanted to lay on the couch and watch Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and nap. But I didn’t. I rolled off the couch and completed it. Two down… Nineteen to go.

Post Upper Fix Selfie. My hair tho.

Post Upper Fix Selfie. My hair tho.






Check back tomorrow for day 3 recap!



Jessica G.

21 Day Fix Recap:Day 1

Day One- 1/11/2016

Food/Meal Plan

Day one meal plan. I used colored sharpies to keep track.

Day one meal plan. I used colored sharpies to keep track.

  • breakfast: 1 scoop shakeo (red) and one serving of frozen strawberries and bananas (purple) with 8 ounces of water.
  • midmorning snack: 1 whole wheat waffle with flax seed mini (yellow), two large apple slices (purple), 4 pieces turkey bacon (red)
  • lunch: turkey cutlet (red), roasted sweet potato (yellow), green beans (green)









  • Mid afternoon snack: 10 baby carrots (green) and snow peas (green)
  • late afternoon snack: 10 baby carrots (green), 4 pieces of turkey bacon (red), and sunflower seeds (Orange)
  • dinner: chicken fajita meat (red), two corn tortillas (yellow), brown jasmine rice (yellow), bell peppers and onion (green), shredded cheese (blue), salsa

    Dinner 1/11/16

    Dinner 1/11/16

Reflection: I need to try and get more veggies in during the day, and a blue full of shredded cheese is ALOT of shredded cheese. I was full for most of the day except between my late snack and dinner. I waited way too long.








Water Consumption

I must get better at this! Today wasn’t my best effort.




Day One: Total Body Cardio. I nearly died here.

Today’s workout was Full Body Cardio and let’s face it… It sucked. Absolutely sucked. I could barely do the modifications and there was a lot of yelling at the screen. And crying. There was crying, I’ll admit. My entire body hurt and I couldn’t keep up with the modification girl. Thankfully, my wonderful husband would walk through and yell encouragements at me. Even though I was defeated and crying, he would remind me why I was going this. And even though it hurt and I barely did it (and I can’t stand now), I did it. One down… Twenty to go.

Check back tomorrow for day 2 recap!


Jessica G.

Twinkle In My Eye

Every year around this time I decide it’s time to lose weight, it’s time to get fit, it’s time to change. And then I jump on a bandwagon and give it the old college try, loose some weight, fall off and gain all the weight back.

I’m hoping this year will be different. I’m doing this for you… The twinkle in my eye.

I’ve started the Beachbody 21 Day Challenge because I’ve seen the results that others locally have had. I finally gave into the cost. I drink the shakes, I’m using the containers, I’m doing the workouts with tears of agony in my eyes.

I’m doing this for you, The twinkle in my eye.

My coach throughout this asked why we are doing this. I gave perfunctory answers: to get healthy, lose weight, etc. but I also gave the real reason. You, twinkle if my eye, are the reason. My goal with all of this is to be at a healthy weight and to have healthy blood work so that I can sub stain a healthy pregnancy. It’s the one thing that I want most.

So I will prep food, resist temptation of candy and chips, use the blender every morning and make a huge mess for this. Because it’s what I want.

And I’m just spoiled enough to get what I want. One way or another,


Jessica G.




Welcome 2016

I’m trying something new in 2016.

No resolutions. No goals. Just following some wise words to make it through next year.


I spent a fair amount of 2015 obsessing over things I can’t control, overthinking everything, and not breathing.

I hope to change that in 2016.

Happy New Year!

-Jessica G.

Under Construction

As you can tell… I’ve moved! NerdyGinger has migrated over to wordpress and is still under construction. Please bare with me as I create my new home. Feel free to read old posts.



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On the road to surgery: Week 4 & 5

This is part four in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. You can read part one here, part two here, part three here,  and part four here

Just as a reminder, these posts contain medical information. I’m also way oversharing here, but I don’t care–I hope that one day this reaches one person and their lives are changed for the better.

August 17, 2015- Today was my first full day back to work. We had convocation and mini-workshops the whole day. The worst part was trying to sit through the workshops in the hard chairs and having to run to the restroom every 45 minutes. The cyst was pushing on my bladder making it difficult to not run to the bathroom all the time.

My pre-op appointment was today. I drove us there in random down bursts of heavy rain. I had planned to stop in Wilmer-Hutchins to go to the bathroom but because of the rainstorms we didn’t have time. I literally barely made it to the doctor’s office building. Michael had to park the car while I sprinted to the bathroom. How embarrassing.

Over all, the pre-op went well. The cyst continued to grow (shocker) and Dr. Putman used the word tumor to describe it. That scared me. Tumor. I had never had anything like that even be a possibility. But he used the word tumor and I had plenty of time to start freaking out.

August 21,2015- Tonight was Meet the Teacher. I got to meet 18 of my 20 babies (so exciting!) The prospect of my new third graders kept me going.

August 24, 2015- First day of school went well. I did have some problems with stamina but found that as along as I didn’t lose steam and sit down I would be okay.

August 26,2015- Today was my last day before my surgery with my babies. They were all very sad and worried about me. Thankfully, I was able to leave them in great hands with my sub and my team.

After we played phone tag, I had a lengthy discussion with the anesthesiologist when he called to talk about the surgery (this is standard on an outpatient surgery).  I let him know about my asthma, my inability to breathe after coming out of anesthesia, and how in December I was an incredibly hard stick and had to be put under before I got an IV. He was excellent–made the plan that he would start my IV himself and that he would check my chart to check the medications to adjust as necessary.

And then it was time…

On the road to surgery: Week 3

This is part four in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. You can read part one here, part two here, and part three here

Just as a reminder, these posts contain medical information. I’m also way oversharing here, but I don’t care–it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want (read in a sassy voice). Thank you in advance for your prayers, your stories, and kind words. The children I see on a daily basis are a huge blessing and keep me going.

August 5, 2015- I went back to Dr. Putman today to see if they cyst had shrunk with the birth control pills. It hadn’t. In fact, it grew to 8 cm.  He decided that my best option was going to be surgery to limit the damage to the ovary. Since I have yet to have children, he would do a cystectomy and not an oophorectomy. I also got my blood work results back, and they were less than stellar. I’m vitamin D deficient, my FSH is low and my AMH is high. Basically I’m a pale ginger who doesn’t get enough sun and I have a low dwindling egg count.

Let’s let that settle in for a second. At 28 I have a low dwindling egg count. I thought this only happened to women in their forties, but I was wrong. It’s happened to me. Yet another strike against me becoming a mom.

Que the tiny violins and buy me some cheese to go with my whine. The entire thought of all of this made me sick and depressed. A baby, a family, is something that I’ve always dreamed of. It’s something that I want with a burning desire. And now, another odd is stacked against me.

In the interim, he didn’t want to start any treatment for the FSH and AMH levels. He did recommend that I begin taking a vitamin D supplement in addition to the high levels of vitamin D that I get from the prenatals that I’d been taking for the last six months.

August 7, 2015- While working in my classroom, I finally got up the nerve to call about Michael’s analysis results. It took a lot of nerve–I dreaded this. Was this going to be another strike against us? The results weren’t ready yet, so I was left wondering.

August 11, 2015- I called back about Michael’s results. I spent 4 days worrying and mentally beating myself up and I just needed to know. I just knew that it was going to be bad news. I didn’t want the bad news.

But God was on our side for this one. We aren’t part of the 40%. Any issues we have will just be on me.

We got some bad news and good news this week. It was refreshing to get good news.

On the road to surgery: Week 2

This is part three in a series of posts that chronicle the latest installment of my struggle with infertility and endometriosis. This series does contain medical information. I am sharing my story so that others who may experience struggles of infertility know that they are not alone in your struggles. You can read part one here and part two here

Thank you to all of you who have read this, and who have asked me how I am doing. Right now, that’s a day by day, moment by moment call. I appreciate each and everyone of your comments and questions.

This next week was full of disbelief and hilarity. At this point, all I could do was laugh at my situation–I knew if I didn’t laugh, I’d get depressed and I didn’t want to be depressed. So I found laughter in the weirdest of situations. Again, you are warned…this contains medical information and is probably an overshare…

July 29, 2015- I had my initially appointment with Dr. Putman today. My sister accompanied me on this trip as Michael was working, and we didn’t want to put off the appointment. We sat in his office for the fertility consultation in which he described his plan–blood work to check hormone levels, an analysis for my husband, and then an ultrasound to see if I was ovulating correctly. I mentioned my cysts to him and he wasn’t concerned. As we sat in his office, he acted causally about the cysts (he hadn’t seen them yet!) and was more interested in laying out the plan to go forward with fertility treatment.  He finally did an ultrasound, during which he momentarily mistook my cyst for my bladder. He asked if I had emptied my bladder. I had. Apparently, he thought the ginormous cyst was my bladder. Wrong. Once he saw the size of the cyst, he changed his tune. It had grown from the ER visit–it was now 7.5cm. His immediate focus shifted from fertility treatment to treating the cyst. I left with five days of a birth control pill to shrink the cyst, orders for blood work, and an appointment for Michael.

*Fun Fact*: I learned that 40% of infertility issues are actually the result of male issues. 

July 30, 2015- I had a previously schedule procedure with a uro-gynecologist who had been treating my holistically for an overactive bladder caused from nerve damage as a result of my stage 4 endometriosis. Dr. Carley performed the cystoscopy (the numbing medicine is a LIE!) and mistook my cyst for my uterus due to its size. That’s two doctors who were confused by my cyst. He did tell me that the cyst was pushing down like a baby pushing down on the bladder. So there’s that.

*Fun Fact*: Teachers and nurses are the most frequent patients in a uro-gynecologist’s office. Teachers suffer because they can’t go on a regular schedule, nurses suffer because they don’t go because they are too consumed with their tasks.

August 3, 2015- Michael had his appointment. Results would be ready by the end of the week.

That’s all for tonight. I keep thinking about how the doctor’s kept confusing the cyst for other body parts. Thinking and laughing. Just keep laughing.

Up next: On the road to surgery: Week 3.We find out the results of ALL the tests. Brace yourself for good news. And bad.