Whats that smell?

.I’m not generally a wasteful person, so I am either going to give something away or sell it before I through it away. Usually things sit in a goodwill box for months before I decide I need it again, find a friend who could use it, or finally take the box to goodwill. Point is, … [Read more…]


I have moved 8 times, 9 times since I was 18. Now make lucky number 10. Each time has gotten a little more complicated. More stuff, boxes, storage units, stairs, multiple floors, across town, across the state. It’s happening again. Michael and I are moving… like I mean we are in the midst of the … [Read more…]

Not the best thing…

Okay, so not really. I’ve had a bad day. I’m exhausted and anxiety ridden about progress reports (I’m afraid of the emails I might get), moving, trying to find a place to live, Michael is going back to Austin tomorrow(he came to me!!!!!) I’ve made a lot of mistakes today. I’m not going to lie. … [Read more…]

9 days

Nine days of kindergarten down… and I am sick. Not quite a land record. Last year I spent 3 days in pre-k helping out at the beginning of school before I picked up some stomach virus. My immune system rocks. Biggest downside of being sick… I wasn’t able to go to Austin to see Michael … [Read more…]

It’s not for the frail…

Waterparks are not for your grandparents ladies and gentlemen. Well, maybe they are. If they compete in the Iron Man competition or take large amounts of opiates. Michael and I went to Schliterbahn yesterday. My dad’s friend, (whom I’ve known for basically forever. She is now in my top 10 of favorite people) Karie, gave … [Read more…]

Word Vomit

I’m sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I know that I got really good posting everyday, even sometimes twice a day. But then I started my career and got uber busy. I do have some interesting things to write about… so they’ll be happening in the next couple of days… I hope. … [Read more…]


Recess may give me skin cancer. I’ve spent all summer in the safety of my dark, cozy, cool house. Three days in kindergarten and my face, feet, hands, and chest have a slight red tinge. My arms hurt. My face is breaking out from the sun exposure.I’m the idiot who doesn’t buy sunblock but wishes … [Read more…]