Ode to Truck Stops

I have a secret love of gas stations.
That sounds really weird right?
My favorite is either a pilot or Flying J.
But I 20 on my way to Lubbock just outside of Abilene anti Texas my favorites of the Flying J.
On I 35 from Waco to Austin my favorite is a Pilot.
I don’t know what it is about gas stations but I love everything about them. I love their coffee
I love the random snacks
I love the prices on king size candy
I love the fact that it I can buy a 20 ounce Red Bull
I love the fact that the bathroom rarely has a line, even when there is a tour bus.
I love that the gas is always cheaper.

But do you know what I hate?!

I hate the fact that on several occasions, I have had to climb to the second floor to pee because they were CLEANING (how dare they?!) the bathrooms downstairs.
This wouldn’t be an issue, BUT I always have a nagging feeling that I am going to get raped when I go up there. I know that is completely irrational. You have to go upstairs to the land of truckers. And please, nobody get offended. A good friend of my dad’s was a trucker. But I am a woman. And going upstairs (which most of the regular bathroom goers have seemingly decided to NOT do) is like Trucker heaven.
I have to run and pee quickly…so they don’t catch me.

And so that aftewards I can reward myself with a kingsize reese’s and a 20 oz redbull.

I think it’s safe to say I’ve seen too much Law and Order SVU.

If I go missing, somebody call Benson and get Stabler out of retirement.

-Jessica G.

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