November Sandals

It’s November. CVS has completely leaped over Thanksgiving and has gone straight to Christmas. I love Christmas but I can’t get into the spirit this early. Perhaps its because I’m busy and because there are still two weeks to Thanksgiving. OR Maybe its because of the weather. It’s still hitting 80 or hanging out in … [Read more…]

Day 1: Thankful for my Dad

I’ve decided to do this 30 days of Thankful business but instead of doing it via facebook, I am doing it here on the blog. It’s here mainly so I can go into details. Day 1: Thankful for my Dad I don’t know who out there has an awesome Dad, but I know that I … [Read more…]


Halloween is not the fall holiday that I look forward to. In fact, its probably the one holiday that I like the least out of all the holidays that we, as Americans, celebrate each year. Give me a bag of M&Ms, just buy the Snickers. Don’t make me trek up and down the street and … [Read more…]