What I did today…

Today was the last official day of Christmas Break (bless you teacherhood)  and I obviously sent it out in style.

Today I…

Slept until noon.

Played a lot of Tirnua–I grew something like 110 orange trees. So riveting. (click on the picture to go play—its lots of fun)

I stalked Statcounter for blog stats.

And I watch a lot of Gossip Girl (while I was playing Tirnua of course)

And in between all of that, I watched Annie:

Loss prevention was at work.

And for the record. I’ve seen more of Annie the last week at the new house than I probably ever did when we lived in Austin. Okay, so that might be an exaggeration,but she comes around a lot more and she’s more…active.

Its been a highly busy day.

I did do a load of laundry and some dishes. I have been sooooo productive.

-Jessica G.

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