Tunes Tuesday: Just Pitchy

So last Tuesday I stayed up watching Pitch Perfect rather than type a blog about all the awesome music that I’ve been listening too.

I started to write one about Pitch Perfect but I fell asleep. And then life caught up with me.

But never fear! I’ve spent the last week listening to the soundtrack on repeat.

I am officially in love with contemporary a cappella.

1. Cups by Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick has such a beautiful voice. (And who knew? I always think about her as Jess from the Twilight movies–and from that chick that worked with George Clooney…) I am glad she is expanding her range.

I would totally buy an indie album filled with her singing playing a cup.

Below is a video of her performing live on David Letterman.

2.  Party In the USA- Barden Bellas

I am huge Miley Cyrus fan who originally recorded this song, but I actually think that I like this one better. 
Below is Cyrus’ original.
3. Price Tag/Don’t You Forget About Me/Just The Way You Are/Party in the USA/ Turn the Beat Around –Barden Bellas
This is a fabulous mash up of these songs. LOVE IT.

So there you have it.
I’m in love.
oh. and don’t forget fat amy. 
–Jessica G.
I don’t own the rights to any of these songs or youtube videos. I just liked them. That’s all.

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