1. Your tummy looks a little flatter. If your not looking weight but your working out your fat could be turning to muscle which weighs more… And have you been to the Dr to make sure ur diet is right for weight loss… Sometimes different health issues have to have different kinds of diets… Not to say laying off the soda isn't great but maybe you just need a lower calorie diet… Or something. There is an app called "my fitness partner" I believe you can track what you eat and how many calories you need to intake to lose the weight in a desirable amount of time. But keep it up!!!

    • I've been using my fitness pal for about a week and a half now. Still not seeing any weight loss although it has me highly accountable. I still struggle with portion sizes and knowing how much is correct, although its getting better. Yesterday's breakfast and lunch was very high protein (total of 55g) and low carb and I felt great. The problem was my grocery store snickers and the Enchiladas Verde I made for dinner that was a complete diet bust.

  2. Your tummy is definitely flatter! I suggest that you take measurements. Pics are wonderful but the person in them usually doesn't end up seeing a difference for a while. I think you should measure once a month and do pics once a month. You are building muscle and it weighs more than fat BUT it also burns more calories than fat! Keep it up

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