A Case of the Everlovin Mondays

Today has been a rough day. It started off rough, from being in excruciating pain while taking care of morning business. Then, on my way to work (late of course) I rounded the corner and almost started to bawl. A dead puppy with its friend sniffing it, licking it, trying to make it better. Thankfully, … [Read more…]

Man Colds

Michael has a cold. Affectionately known in this house as the plague. This is what happens when Michael gets the plague. Poor guy. He drinks most of my orange juice, because NOW is the time to get healthy and get some vitamins. He babbles about things like genie juice (aka snot) He plays excessive amounts … [Read more…]

Facebook Birthdays…

I love birthdays. Really I do. Birthdays are a time of celebration: cake, ice cream, presents, a day of adoration and feeling special. The should be about you. But I loathe Facebook birthdays. Facebook brings about a certain amount of expectations. I mean hello. I have 400+ friends on my friend’s list… Shouldn’t I have … [Read more…]

Final Diagnosis:Endometriosis

Sunday night I thought I was dying. Or I was really Bella from Twilight and my body was reenacting the scene from Breaking Dawn Part 1 when the fetus separates from Bella’s body and there is ripping and screeching going on. I was doing laundry, and I leaned to the basket to grab more clothes … [Read more…]

3 months gone.

I’ve been doing this whole work out thing for the last 3 months save for the 2 1/2 weeks when I thought I was going to die. I haven’t had a soda since the beginning of Jan. and I am making (mostly) better food choices. Today I am giving you a face picture to compare. … [Read more…]