Something New

I am pretty much a creature of habit. I don’t stray from what I know. Basically, I hate change. But sometimes, I stray from the norm and branch out. I bought new deodorant. And you can be all hello, what’s the big deal, but I have used Dove brand deodorant basically since I first started … [Read more…]


I’ve decided that I am going back to school in the fall. Regardless of whatever else may be happening at that point, I WILL be a graduate student so that I can finish the masters degree that I already somewhat started with my teaching courses. I’m applying to two programs. One at Texas Tech (my … [Read more…]


I’m pretty much obsessed with the movie Pitch Perfect and Anna Kendrick in it. In fact, she’s become one of my favorite actress. Anyways, I can’t get enough of the song Cups. The movie just shows an accapella version of the song. A few weeks ago, I heard it on the radio. And know Krystal … [Read more…]