First and foremost, I think my hormones are going crazy. Or readjusting. Whatever. All I know is I am 4 days into new meds and 2 weeks post surgery and I am a stinking mess. Mess I tell you! I think Michael is looking into permanent vacation rentals that do not include his crying wife. … [Read more…]


I’m highly frustrated right now. Things that are currently bugging me: – Finances. – My health. -State of my body. – State of my house. – Being an adult. I’m only going to talk about one-being an adult. And only briefly. I’m over being a grown up. I don’t feel like I should be a … [Read more…]

Things I found online today…

So while most of you are on vacation or laying out by the pool, I am inside hiding from the sun and recovering from surgery. Found some stuff I wanted to share during my 2 hours on youtube this morning. Enjoy! Monkey using a vending machine Doctor Who Musical Candy Crush: The Move Facebook-The Musical … [Read more…]

I'll keep this one short…

With a promise of two much longer post coming soon. Michael and I decided to play a game called how many Ivs can Jessica get in 48 hours. The answer is 3. I started running fever last night about this time (7is) and it was incredibly high but it was starting to approach the post-op … [Read more…]

It's like I ate Saran Wrap

Well yesterday was the day. I had my surgery. And while I was out of it, and can’t share the most gory details yet (I get those at the post-op appointment and I can’t wait to see the pictures…part of me wonders if I went into the wrong field but then again I did win … [Read more…]

Time out

I’m taking a time out from doing report cards at home, which completely violates my policy of bringing work home. Generally, I leave everything at the school–I try to keep my life from school and home separate. Michael gets yelled at enough in the middle of the night about not completing his work and to … [Read more…]

Staying afloat

I haven’t posted much recently, not for the lack of things to say, but more for the lack of time, energy and motivation. I graduate my first class of kinder babies to first grade on Thursday and finish up the work week on Friday, so coming soon should be a bountiful amount of posts.  I … [Read more…]