Remarkably Absent

If you are the one person who has been an avid reader and has been wondering where I’ve been in the last two months, I’ll give you a list. 

  • I’ve been sick. Sinus infections, bronchitis, and a particularly bad stomach bug hit me.
  • Graduate school. I’m taking 6 hours towards a Master’s in Special Education. All online.
  • Working. There are 36 days left of kindergarten for this year. (Yes, I have a count down.)
  • Church. I’ve gotten much more involved at church. So much in fact that Krystal and I are now (well have been since December…) the Children’s Ministry coordinators.
  • Thursday Night Date Night. I have a date with my dad each week. This guarantees we get to see each other. I will rarely miss date night–and if I miss, I reschedule!
  • Trying to work out. Which I’m not always that great at, but you’ll totally find me dead after Spin/Kettle Bell tomorrow.
  • Housework. Did you know that there aren’t little faeries that do laundry, wash dishes, and vacuum?
  • Sleep. Oh yeah, what about this basic need?!
So that pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing.
How about you?

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