Twinkle In My Eye

Every year around this time I decide it’s time to lose weight, it’s time to get fit, it’s time to change. And then I jump on a bandwagon and give it the old college try, loose some weight, fall off and gain all the weight back.

I’m hoping this year will be different. I’m doing this for you… The twinkle in my eye.

I’ve started the Beachbody┬á21 Day Challenge because I’ve seen the results that others locally have had. I finally gave into the cost. I drink the shakes, I’m using the containers, I’m doing the workouts with tears of agony in my eyes.

I’m doing this for you, The twinkle in my eye.

My coach throughout this asked why we are doing this. I gave perfunctory answers: to get healthy, lose weight, etc. but I also gave the real reason. You, twinkle if my eye, are the reason. My goal with all of this is to be at a healthy weight and to have healthy blood work so that I can sub stain a healthy pregnancy. It’s the one thing that I want most.

So I will prep food, resist temptation of candy and chips, use the blender every morning and make a huge mess for this. Because it’s what I want.

And I’m just spoiled enough to get what I want. One way or another,


Jessica G.




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