21 Day Fix Recap:Day 1

Day One- 1/11/2016

Food/Meal Plan

Day one meal plan. I used colored sharpies to keep track.

Day one meal plan. I used colored sharpies to keep track.

  • breakfast: 1 scoop shakeo (red) and one serving of frozen strawberries and bananas (purple) with 8 ounces of water.
  • midmorning snack: 1 whole wheat waffle with flax seed mini (yellow), two large apple slices (purple), 4 pieces turkey bacon (red)
  • lunch: turkey cutlet (red), roasted sweet potato (yellow), green beans (green)









  • Mid afternoon snack: 10 baby carrots (green) and snow peas (green)
  • late afternoon snack: 10 baby carrots (green), 4 pieces of turkey bacon (red), and sunflower seeds (Orange)
  • dinner: chicken fajita meat (red), two corn tortillas (yellow), brown jasmine rice (yellow), bell peppers and onion (green), shredded cheese (blue), salsa

    Dinner 1/11/16

    Dinner 1/11/16

Reflection: I need to try and get more veggies in during the day, and a blue full of shredded cheese is ALOT of shredded cheese. I was full for most of the day except between my late snack and dinner. I waited way too long.








Water Consumption

I must get better at this! Today wasn’t my best effort.




Day One: Total Body Cardio. I nearly died here.

Today’s workout was Full Body Cardio and let’s face it… It sucked. Absolutely sucked. I could barely do the modifications and there was a lot of yelling at the screen. And crying. There was crying, I’ll admit. My entire body hurt and I couldn’t keep up with the modification girl. Thankfully, my wonderful husband would walk through and yell encouragements at me. Even though I was defeated and crying, he would remind me why I was going this. And even though it hurt and I barely did it (and I can’t stand now), I did it. One down… Twenty to go.

Check back tomorrow for day 2 recap!


Jessica G.

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