Burning Rubber

Michael and I are trying to have a baby. Back when I had surgery in August and after I healed, Dr. Putman told us to try until the new year and if nothing happened to come and see him. So because nothing happened on our own, Michael and I went and saw Putman on MLK Day.

He decided to do what is called a Follicle Growth Series, starting on day 5 of my cycle. So on January 29th I began burning rubber, driving my car up and down I-45 to get to Dallas.

On January 29th it was decided that I was going to ovulate from my right ovary. I had two (count them two!) ovarian cysts in my left ovary on January 18th and Dr. Putman determined that I had ovulated from that side so from the right it would be. Dr. Tarnawa (Putman’s teenage associate) asked me to come back on Monday, February 1st.

On February 1st I went back and saw Dr. Putman to confirm which side I would ovulate from. He confirmed that it would be the right side. He informed me that we would track the follicle growth and when it reached a certain size he would administer a shot of HcG to ensure that the egg released from the follicle. Everything looked beautiful and I left feeling very optimistic.  He asked me to come back on Wednesday.

I went back on the following Wednesday and saw Dr. Tarnawa again because Dr. Putman had been in surgery all day and wasn’t in the office. That is when things got tricky. The follicle that was in the right ovary that had been growing up to this point had shrunk. And the one that was in the left ovary, that had shrunk since January 18th had doubled in size and was 18.7mm. It looked to be that this would be the ovary I would actually ovulate from, if I actually ovulated. He let me go, both of us feeling confused. As I was leaving, he stopped me again. He had talked to Dr. Putman who wanted me to come in on Thursday. I just couldn’t do it. The stress of driving back and forth to Dallas was starting to wear on me. Hours with my thoughts was starting to be detrimental. Instead, we agreed that I could come back on Friday.

I drove back yesterday afternoon and saw Dr. Tarnawa to hopefully get the HcG shot. Turns out… it wasn’t necessary. I had already ovulated by myself, most likely earlier that day. Instead of a shot, he assigned me and Michael homework.

Only time will tell if anything comes from this. I’ve decided that Michael and I will continue to try without doctor help until this summer. Its too much stress on me to leave early from work 3 days a week to furiously drive to Dallas to get scans. If nothing happens between now and June, we will pick it back up.

Say a prayer for us, that we will be able to naturally conceive. I’m going to continue on my weight loss crusade and who knows? Maybe I’ll be announcing a pregnancy sooner or later.


-Jessica G.

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