In the midst of a storm

We are in the midst of a storm. A swirly, thundery storm that is relentless.

I’m not talking weather. I’m talking life.

If you’ve sat at all with me and talked to me at any point this last week, then you understand. You understand that Michael and I have been dog-paddling to stay up on the surface that you call life. And while I’ve lamented about it, I’m not mad. I’ve accepted it. The last nine days haven’t been easy, but we’ve pulled through. Here are some highlights:

Friday the 12th-I was in the ER with a hand and wrist swollen to four times the size of the other hand. Thankfully, it was just tendonitis (because having a story of a broken hand in my sleep would’ve been mortifying) and a brace was given to help. As a bonus, I got to spend several hours with my dad.

Monday the 15th- My day started out with spilling my shakeology all across the kitchen cabinets as I was late for work. That evening, Michael and I were in a car accident. We are fine and the driver that hit us is fine too, which is a blessing. Of course, it’s frustrating to be in an accident when you are on your way somewhere to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A baby driver (she was 16 or 17) turned left on an unprotected left as we were heading straight and hit us. She didn’t stop at the scene, but thankfully her parents called the police and we were able to get everything sorted out. Michael’s car is still drivable, but needs to be repaired. ¬†We will take care of that when I go on Spring Break, but until then it is a constant barrage of phone calls.

Wednesday the 17th- Annie, who has been suffering from vestibular disease since November, had a relapse and started to show symptoms again. At first they were mild. Then the sunken eyes, drunken walking, and the circling began. This was also the day that I wore my dress backwards for 3 hours until I realized that the reason the neckline was so high was because the tag was in the front. And I split my shakeology again.

Friday the 18th- At 3:30 on this particular morning, Michael was running laundry because Annie has been peeing on all of the dirty clothes and towels. And then the washing machine leaked EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere. The laundry room, garage, and dining room was flooded. Which resulted in me getting 4 hours of sleep after dealing with trying to clean up the flood, stomach pains from the medicine I had taken for my hand and not eaten with, and a dog circling around us in puddles.

I finally raised a white flag and asked some friends for help. I got help with laundry and had some teenagers come mow our yard which hadn’t been done since November.

Saturday the 19th- I suffered from a debilitating headache.

Sunday the 20th- My headache continued and the garage door broke cracked and can not be opened automatically.

See? It’s been a rough 9 days, but I’m keeping my head up.


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