Returning to 40,000 Feet

Leaving Washington

It’s official. We’ve left The Evergreen State and The Emerald City. We left on an outbound flight flying direct to Dallas. This was not our original plan–originally we were going to fly Seattle to Oakland and then Oakland to Dallas. Which would put us into Dallas after 11:00 tonight. However, the both flights were delayed, so the super awesome gate agents at Southwest got us onto the direct flight that was not delayed. So that means we are getting into Dallas at 9:00pm. Soo much better! 


When we were at the airport we found out that we weren’t the only person we knew on. The flight. Turns out the husband of a person we work with was on the flight too. How cool!


Abigail and I’ve had a great time in Washington. I’m ready to see Michael and Annbone, she’s ready to get home to her kiddo. Washington has satisfied my wanderlust temporarily, although I’m already trying to figure out where I can go next… Chicago maybe?


We had such a great time. Watch the blog, Facebook, or Twitter over the next few days. Hopefully I can get a recap of our vacation up while I am enjoying what’s left of my Spring Break. Until then, I’ll leave you with this view of the sun setting somewhere over Oklahoma/Texas.

Sunset over Texas or Oklahoma


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