Mother’s Day 2016

Mother’s day is always hard for me. It is a distinct reminder that my mom is no longer with us, and this past one was especially hard because Annie had died the week before. And of course, the infertility cloud was hanging over me. As always.

Michael, being sweet as always, got me two white roses for Mother’s Day on the Friday before saying that he wanted to get me something from Annie. On Sunday, we lounged around after I got home from church and before he went on to work. We sat, carrying on a somewhat meaningful conversation. We discussed that I would call Dr. Putman when my cycle started so that we could start doing the follicle tracking that we had done back in February and then put on hold because with a sick dog and my school schedule, it was just too much. Back in February we decided that we would start again with my May cycle because it was after STAAR and if I needed to head to Dallas for appointments it wouldn’t be as stressful.

Curiosity got the best of us–when was the next cycle supposed to begin? I checked the app that I use on my phone, which told me I was two days late. Which never meant anything, because I was always late. Nonetheless I jaunted off to take a pregnancy test. I am, and always will be, a chronic POAS (pee’er on a stick) and any excuse (like being late) sends me to the bathroom. Back in February, we had purchased 100 pregnancy tests off of amazon for five dollars. A bargain for someone like me.

I set the timer and walked away, knowing that when I’d look at the test again it would be a sad one liner, another kick in the mother’s day bruise.

This time was different. I couldn’t believe my eyes. There were two lines on the strip, something I never thought would happen. I flew through the house, looking for Michael, trying to contain the tears. I found him in the garage, and frantically called him inside. And there in the laundry room, he confirmed what I had to saw. There were definitely two lines. I burst into tears. He disappeared and came back with a box. Inside it was a book: Good Night Red Raider.

Months before, I had torn out a page from The Texas Techsan (Tech’s alumni magazine) and I gave it to Michael telling him that I wanted this for our child. Unknowingly, he order the book from amazon and squirreled it away for the day we found out. Enter more tears.

I headed to HEB afterwards, deciding that I needed to purchase every pregnancy test and take it. What if, after all, the one that I had was lying??? I picked up 7 different tests and a pacifier (to share the news with my dad via one of those corny pinteresty things). I came home, promptly took each test and they all came back as positive.


On Mother’s day 2016 I officially found out that I had become a mother.

Best Mother’s Day Ever.


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