Nesting without a nest

Maternity Picture Bliss

Sneak peek of our maternity pictures we took on October 22, 2016


I had to share some of mine and Michael’s cuteness (that’s what the photographer kept saying about us as a couple-we are too cute!). This post isn’t going to be a barrage of maternity pictures. Oh no. That’ll come later, when I get them all back and sort through everything. After all, nobody wants to stare at a ton of maternity pictures… that’s just me right?

Any who…this post is more about how I am desperately wanting to nest . At this stage, I am comfortably into my 3rd trimester (don’t ask me where those blog post are that document my 1st and 2nd trimester–they exist, but I haven’t yet published them. I can’t tell you why. I’ll get around to it. I promise.) I’m 29 weeks pregnant this week with bouncing (or kicking) baby boys. That’s right–if you missed something somewhere, I am pregnant with twins. It has been such a wonderful, albeit painful and uncomfortable, blessing. But that’s another post for another day.

Right now I just want to talk about nesting. It’s real folks. It was real at about 22 weeks when I had the overwhelming urge to get on my hands and knees and clean the toliet in our master bathroom with a toothbrush. This totally happened until Michael got up (this actually happened early on a Saturday morning–what happened to sleeping in????) and saw me hunched over, furiously scrubbing with a toothbrush. At least I took proper precautions and was wearing a mask to block some of the chemical smells.

Nesting hasn’t calmed down–messes bother me (and yes, I get that my desk at work is still a mess…but it is better than it has been. I PROMISE!!!) and I feel the constant urge to do something about it. Which is HARD because I am supposed to be taking it super easy to prevent any kind of bed rest/early labor. Thankfully, Michael has been helping out as much as he can around the house–and when he can’t or I get super stubborn about something, he makes sure I don’t over do it. He does understand that sometimes I just need to do something about a mess that I see–like the other day he let me vacuum the living room, but he made sure I did it in small spurts.

Let’s also be real–I’m not jumping up to clean every mess I see. They just BOTHER me. There is a huge difference. Ha!

My biggest struggle right now is trying to get the babies’ room done. We have some foundation issues in just that corner of the house that resulted in a couple of messed up windows. Unfortunately, we have to have the foundation fixed to correct the window problem (or get a brick layer to reset the window frame). Its causing a lot of stress and anxiety because of some issues we’ve run into with the company who was supposed to have done work prior to us moving into the house. So right now we have an empty bedroom that can’t be painted, decorated, or filled with baby stuff. Instead, our dining room is full of totes and baskets, boxes of diapers, and furniture. AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I can’t nest properly and I really need to. Please pray that we are able to come to a quick resolution of our issues and we can move all the baby stuff into their room. Because, seriously, twins have a lot of stuff.

–Jessica G.

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