That Time On Official Bedrest: Week 1

I officially became 34 weeks pregnant with di/di boys (fraternal twins) on Monday, November 28th.

34 Weeks with Twin Boys

34 Weeks with Twin Boys

On Monday, I woke up having intense contractions starting at 4:45 AM.

On Monday, I called into work because of said contractions.

On Monday, I laid through an incredibly uncomfortable ultrasound that made sure that each one of my babies had enough amniotic fluid, were moving, and were breathing.

On Monday, I was officially put on bed rest/couch rest.

not my couch--mine is covered in pillows and blankets and a very pregnant me

not my couch–mine is covered in pillows and blankets and a very pregnant me

I’ll be honest, I made my goal of making it to Thanksgiving for work, although I wanted to work longer. It was getting more and more difficult to make it to work on time the week before Thanksgiving. there was also the problem of clothes not fitting. All the cute maternity clothes that I bought (a size bigger I might add) that were so loose and comfy all of a sudden aren’t loose and comfy. In fact, unless the pants have that not so cute panel on them, my belly shows–regardless of the top.


I thought bedrest would be joyful, welcome rest before these two sweet boys show up. While it’s certainly been restful, in fact down right sloth-like… I’m officially bored and frustrated. Daytime television stinks, Netflix has nothing good on it–so much that I started watch Doogie Howser, M.D. on Hulu. I’ve done some reading, reached the end of the internet (not really but it seems so), done some craft projects, napped, etc. It doesn’t help that I’m in full on nesting mode and want to get up and clean everything, but the whole standing, walking, sitting upright is pretty painful.

Obviously, I’m having a lot of first world problems–I know that I’m complaining, but know that this is grateful complaining. I can’t think of a better reason to be bored and highly uncomfortable. These boys are sooooooooo worth it. I’m just whiney.

Any suggestion on keeping the boredom at bay?

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