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About The Nerdy Ginger

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I’m Jessica, and this is my blog. I write about being me, a wife, a teacher, my crafts and pinterest, my weightloss, and the junk I find on the internets.
Me. I am one part of the Millennium generation, born in the late 80s. I love technology, play lots of different online games, and I am an avid reader.
Wife. My tolerant husband, Michael, and I have been together since 2009 and married since 2011. He tends to bring me back down to the ground when I get a little crazy. He’s pretty cool, and we’ve recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.
Mother.  I’m not one of these, except to my dog. But one day, hopefully, you’ll get to read all about it. My husband and I recently welcomed TWIN boys!
Teacher/Crafter/Pinterester/Cook/Baker.  I am a current 3rd grade teacher and a former kindergarten teacher. I take after my mom A LOT. I am a pretty accomplished baker and chef. At least, I don’t get many complaints when I hit the kitchen. I love to use Pinterest to get recipes–I’m pretty adventurous even though I have some pin-fails under my belt.
Infertility/Weight. I started down a very bumpy path in January of 2013 on a weight loss journey. I talk about it a lot here because that is something that I am focused on. As of June 2013 I have slowly but surely lost 18 pounds (but I gained it all back plus some. I promise… I’m working on it.). I also chronicle my infertility issues here, because I think it is important for people to read about them. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis in December of 2008 and I struggle with it and all it’s glory daily.
This blog. This blog has been live since July 23, 2012. We are almost to the celebration of being a year old. It’s called nerdyginger.com because I’m nerdy and a ginger :). This is my open format where I write about anything that is on my mind. Half of it doesn’t make sense, but it is replacing the slew of composition notebooks in a closet somewhere that are full of me being all angsty. Now, I choose to be publicly angsty.
I love crappy television, potatoes, books and their smell, taking pictures with my iPhone, and teaching.

If you want to know more about me, please find me on Twitter (@nerdysika), on Pinterest (jessgardner), and on Instagram (thenerdyginger).