Nesting without a nest

  I had to share some of mine and Michael’s cuteness (that’s what the photographer kept saying about us as a couple-we are too cute!). This post isn’t going to be a barrage of maternity pictures. Oh no. That’ll come later, when I get them all back and sort through everything. After all, nobody wants … [Read more…]

Returning to 40,000 Feet

It’s official. We’ve left The Evergreen State and The Emerald City. We left on an outbound flight flying direct to Dallas. This was not our original plan–originally we were going to fly Seattle to Oakland and then Oakland to Dallas. Which would put us into Dallas after 11:00 tonight. However, the both flights were delayed, … [Read more…]

40,000 Feet

Right now Abigail and I are cruising at 40,000 feet high about Colorado and the Rocky Mountains headed towards Washington State.   We are on a grand adventure.   We are headed to my mother’s hometown, to see my cousin, to meet her childhood friends, to take her back home. This is an amazing opportunity, … [Read more…]