I’n suffering from intense pain from my endo/cyst/adhesions which means I have an overwhelming amount of time to sit and just chill. Because it’s obviously hard to sometimes even stand. But we are down to 14 days from my surgery and I can’t wait. I noticed today there are some things that have been bothering … [Read more…]

Silent-ish Suffering

I am usually a slight sufferer of invisible pain. Invisible pain that makes me think that people think I am faking it or melodramatic. But it’s real, and it’s intense. If you’ve never read any of my previous posts, or you don’t know me in real life than you don’t know that I suffer from … [Read more…]

That Town.

This post is part of Inspiration: September as challenged by Brittany.Herself. Be sure to check it out, or write a post yourself 🙂 When I met my husband (at the airport!) we both marveled about how we were from small towns. And then he told me where he was from. Sure. a Texas 4A high school … [Read more…]