I’n suffering from intense pain from my endo/cyst/adhesions which means I have an overwhelming amount of time to sit and just chill. Because it’s obviously hard to sometimes even stand. But we are down to 14 days from my surgery and I can’t wait. I noticed today there are some things that have been bothering … [Read more…]

Remarkably Absent

If you are the one person who has been an avid reader and has been wondering where I’ve been in the last two months, I’ll give you a list.  I’ve been sick. Sinus infections, bronchitis, and a particularly bad stomach bug hit me. Graduate school. I’m taking 6 hours towards a Master’s in Special Education. … [Read more…]


Halloween is not the fall holiday that I look forward to. In fact, its probably the one holiday that I like the least out of all the holidays that we, as Americans, celebrate each year. Give me a bag of M&Ms, just buy the Snickers. Don’t make me trek up and down the street and … [Read more…]

Proof Read

So, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m a decent writer. People who read this thing tell me that occasionally. And when I was in high school and college, I could usually whip up an “A” paper a couple hours before it was due as long as it didn’t require research. And … [Read more…]

Apathetic Much?

I hate politics. Tonight was the presidential debate. My Facebook was blown up with Obama sucks and Romney Rules or Obama is Awesome and Romney Sucks… Well basically. Anyways… this is how I feel. And I know some of you out there are like, “C’mon, get involved. Do what’s right for your country. Be a … [Read more…]

Whats that smell?

.I’m not generally a wasteful person, so I am either going to give something away or sell it before I through it away. Usually things sit in a goodwill box for months before I decide I need it again, find a friend who could use it, or finally take the box to goodwill. Point is, … [Read more…]


I have moved 8 times, 9 times since I was 18. Now make lucky number 10. Each time has gotten a little more complicated. More stuff, boxes, storage units, stairs, multiple floors, across town, across the state. It’s happening again. Michael and I are moving… like I mean we are in the midst of the … [Read more…]

Not the best thing…

Okay, so not really. I’ve had a bad day. I’m exhausted and anxiety ridden about progress reports (I’m afraid of the emails I might get), moving, trying to find a place to live, Michael is going back to Austin tomorrow(he came to me!!!!!) I’ve made a lot of mistakes today. I’m not going to lie. … [Read more…]