The Olympics of Fire

Michael and I bought the complete set of Harry Potter movies from AmazonUk and they finally arrived last week. You might ask why we got them from the Uk, and I’ll give a completely logical answer to that question. It was cheaper. And blu-rays are not subject to region restrictions like DVDs. Amazon wants $95 … [Read more…]

Toes and Jeans

Okay, so I know the title sounds a little funky. But I couldn’t think of anything better to aptly describe my day (which was actually like 4 days ago, but whatevs). For the third day in a row I contemplated while I actually leave the house, realizing that its not the safest thing for me … [Read more…]


Some things in life don’t make sense. Many things need clarification before they do. Which brings me to this story: Yesterday, I went with Abigail and Krystal to Arlington to go to Mardels so they could get things for their classrooms. Mine is still imaginary, so I entertained a panic attack and instead chose to … [Read more…]

A dusty soap box

I have taken my soap box out of storage, blown off the dust, and I’m climbing on top. First off, to the lady in dollar tree who was handing her children quarters: I don’t particularly care that you preschool age child loves shoving quarters into a gumball machine to get a prize. In fact, I … [Read more…]

a bit of hypochondria

  I love google.And webmd, but mostly google Especially when I am sick, or don’t feel good, or feel like something is wierd. Or when I have insomnia.And lately, I’ve had a lot of insomnia, thanks to my anxiety. The other night I was on Webmd symptom checker because my stomach was upset. According to … [Read more…]