Whiney aren’t I

This morning I had Michael call my cell phone. It was right next to me; I just doubted that it actually worked. Seriously. It hadn’t rang in a while. No medical bill collectors calling (but that could be because I’ve paid most of them), no medicare people calling because they think I’m old (hello, I … [Read more…]

do me a favor?

What did you do today? Was it important? I know what I’ve done today. I have layed in bed all day reading books, listening to music, watching mindless television shows, trying to ignore the outside world. Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? There is an episode that highlights Luke’s absence for a day— what does … [Read more…]

365 days of…

Marriage. We’ve been married for oh, 365 days. 365 days of love, laughter, tears, hugging, shouting, frustration, and change. But most of all there has been love and happiness in out house. The Austin Gardners have survived the first 365 days of legally being man and wife. Aren’t we pretty awesome? Nothing much has changed, … [Read more…]

The stars at night…

…are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas. Everytime I go home; home to my roots, home to my daddy, this overcomes me. Perhaps it’s because I adore stars. There is something about a clear night sky, away from the city lights that can really speak to you. I like to think, that … [Read more…]

Call Noah… I need an ark

Back when i lived in lubbock, there was a commercial that aired for the local carpet cleaning called Carpet Tech. It featured a beautiful family living on the South Plains in a two story house. One day, the beautiful, gorgeous mother left the handsome father in charge of their 3 spirited daughters. The father kicked … [Read more…]