Nesting without a nest

  I had to share some of mine and Michael’s cuteness (that’s what the photographer kept saying about us as a couple-we are too cute!). This post isn’t going to be a barrage of maternity pictures. Oh no. That’ll come later, when I get them all back and sort through everything. After all, nobody wants … [Read more…]

40,000 Feet

Right now Abigail and I are cruising at 40,000 feet high about Colorado and the Rocky Mountains headed towards Washington State.   We are on a grand adventure.   We are headed to my mother’s hometown, to see my cousin, to meet her childhood friends, to take her back home. This is an amazing opportunity, … [Read more…]

21 Day Fix Recap:Day 1

Day One- 1/11/2016 Food/Meal Plan breakfast: 1 scoop shakeo (red) and one serving of frozen strawberries and bananas (purple) with 8 ounces of water. midmorning snack: 1 whole wheat waffle with flax seed mini (yellow), two large apple slices (purple), 4 pieces turkey bacon (red) lunch: turkey cutlet (red), roasted sweet potato (yellow), green beans … [Read more…]

Twinkle In My Eye

Every year around this time I decide it’s time to lose weight, it’s time to get fit, it’s time to change. And then I jump on a bandwagon and give it the old college try, loose some weight, fall off and gain all the weight back. I’m hoping this year will be different. I’m doing … [Read more…]