Today’s Mantra

I continue to feel defeated because I am trying very hard to do things to loose weight. Today, I must remember this. I can’t quit. In other news, I’ve started using my fitness pal to track calories in and calories out. I think that part of my problem was that I thought that the C25K … [Read more…]

21 days

They say that after 21 days new habits are formed and old habits are dead. I’ve been soda free for 21 days. It was easy for a while, and still most days it is. However. Today. I almost broke. I wanted Dr. Pepper so bad. There are only so many glasses of water a girl … [Read more…]

Tunes Tuesday: Just Pitchy

So last Tuesday I stayed up watching Pitch Perfect rather than type a blog about all the awesome music that I’ve been listening too. I started to write one about Pitch Perfect but I fell asleep. And then life caught up with me. But never fear! I’ve spent the last week listening to the soundtrack … [Read more…]