Its like camping…

When I was a kid my parents used to ship me off to sleep away camp at Camp Wanica that sits on the edge of East Texas. This adventure of overnight camp lasted for one (yes one) brief week that included a panic attack and sleeping one of those 5 nights in my own bed … [Read more…]

Doodles for Dollars

A friend of mine, Miah, likes to doodle. Turns out she’s pretty good. She draws caricatures (sp?) and doodles of you. Or famous people. Like Bill Nuy. Any who. Check her out here. If you ask nicely enough, I bet she’ll draw you with Justin Beiber. —Jessica G.

A season of change…

I haven’t written in almost a month, but not for the lack of trying. Things have been changing around here, with no signs of stopping. Michael and I are still technically maintaining two seperate residences in two different cities two hundred miles apart, but that is about to get a lot easier. We bought a … [Read more…]

November Sandals

It’s November. CVS has completely leaped over Thanksgiving and has gone straight to Christmas. I love Christmas but I can’t get into the spirit this early. Perhaps its because I’m busy and because there are still two weeks to Thanksgiving. OR Maybe its because of the weather. It’s still hitting 80 or hanging out in … [Read more…]

Day 1: Thankful for my Dad

I’ve decided to do this 30 days of Thankful business but instead of doing it via facebook, I am doing it here on the blog. It’s here mainly so I can go into details. Day 1: Thankful for my Dad I don’t know who out there has an awesome Dad, but I know that I … [Read more…]