Some things in life don’t make sense. Many things need clarification before they do. Which brings me to this story: Yesterday, I went with Abigail and Krystal to Arlington to go to Mardels so they could get things for their classrooms. Mine is still imaginary, so I entertained a panic attack and instead chose to … [Read more…]

A dusty soap box

I have taken my soap box out of storage, blown off the dust, and I’m climbing on top. First off, to the lady in dollar tree who was handing her children quarters: I don’t particularly care that you preschool age child loves shoving quarters into a gumball machine to get a prize. In fact, I … [Read more…]

a bit of hypochondria

  I love google.And webmd, but mostly google Especially when I am sick, or don’t feel good, or feel like something is wierd. Or when I have insomnia.And lately, I’ve had a lot of insomnia, thanks to my anxiety. The other night I was on Webmd symptom checker because my stomach was upset. According to … [Read more…]

Just a college quickie…

I think we’ve all felt this way once in a while. Don’t worry if you feel silly singing this out loud. It’s completely better if you do. Brush up on your pronunciation. The vocabulary can be quite difficult. But, its fun. Click Here 🙂 —Jessica G.

Towel vs. Annie 2012

So I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics (so, I have a desperate NEED to go to the UK), and I look over and I saw this. I know you are saying, oh god, not another video. Ick. HOWEVER, it’s hilarious. And apparently Annie has problems with towels. All I did was take the … [Read more…]

Whiney aren’t I

This morning I had Michael call my cell phone. It was right next to me; I just doubted that it actually worked. Seriously. It hadn’t rang in a while. No medical bill collectors calling (but that could be because I’ve paid most of them), no medicare people calling because they think I’m old (hello, I … [Read more…]

do me a favor?

What did you do today? Was it important? I know what I’ve done today. I have layed in bed all day reading books, listening to music, watching mindless television shows, trying to ignore the outside world. Have you ever seen Gilmore Girls? There is an episode that highlights Luke’s absence for a day— what does … [Read more…]

365 days of…

Marriage. We’ve been married for oh, 365 days. 365 days of love, laughter, tears, hugging, shouting, frustration, and change. But most of all there has been love and happiness in out house. The Austin Gardners have survived the first 365 days of legally being man and wife. Aren’t we pretty awesome? Nothing much has changed, … [Read more…]